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    Topsider Homes

    Topsider Homes - Exploring Home Designs

    North Carolina company offers unique home designs

    I always have clients who are looking for land with spectacular views. Since some of the best views in our area are from the steep sides of mountains, constructing a traditional foundation can be expensive and often disrupts a site's natural beauty. Topsider homes offer a solution. Their pedestal foundations have a small footprint that makes it possible to build them practically anywhere without making a huge impact on nature.

    I need a large house.
    The designers at Topsider will work with you to create any size and type of house you need. Large homes can be built by combining single units to expand the space.

    What if I don't want a pedestal?
    Topsider offers conventional foundation plans that might be more suitable for your building site. This type of foundation makes it easy to include a lower level.

    Can interior layouts be changed?
    Topsider's post and beam construction means that there are no interior load bearing walls, so you can do just about anything you wish with the layout.

    Where can I build a Topsider?
    Anywhere. Topsiders have weathered some of the world's strongest hurricanes. They meet the guidelines for California's earthquake codes.

    While the basic structure remains the same, different elements are added depending on what's required for each destination. That might be snow-load packages for homes going to ski country, or stainless steel options for salt air climates.

    What comes with a Topsider
    Topsider normally provides just the exterior shell package and architectural drawings for homes built in the United States. If a home is being built overseas, the shipment may include all items required for construction and finishing, even the appliances.

    Topsiders are often used as vacation retreats, but the company is building more and more full-time residences. Take a look at their designs to see if a Topsider will work for you.

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