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Real Estate Careers - Interviewing for a Position

Agent interview techniques

Real estate brokers-in-charge are nearly always in the recruiting mode. If they have desk space available, many will take on anyone with a valid license and a desire to work.

Some firms may require that you commit to a full time job in real estate, and not hold other jobs. Others have agents who work part time. A few allow agents to be associated with the firm, even if they don't work on a regular basis. This allows someone with a salesperson's license to remain on active status, rather than go inactive, since they are technically under the supervision of a broker.

How To Select a Real Estate Firm

Even if you think you know which real estate firm you wish to work for, I suggest you interview with several before you make the final decision. If you're not sure where to start, try these tips.

  1. Which firm's For Sale signs are most common in the area you wish to work in? The firm with the most listings isn't necessarily the 'best' place for a new agent, but since they have a good presence in the local market it's certainly an agency you should talk with.

  2. Pick up local real estate publications--the free magazines you see at supermarkets and other businesses. Which ads seem to pop out at you?

  3. Make a trip to the Chamber of Commerce--or a visitor's center if you have one. Which firms provide handouts for potential residents? Are they promotions for individual agents (most likely at their expense) or for the agency in general (which benefit all agents)?

  4. What about television, radio, and other advertising. Do any agencies dominate those areas?

  5. Do you know any local agents? Ask them which agencies they recommend (keeping in mind that real estate agents tend to be somewhat biased).

  6. If you're in a small market, talk to them all.

Maintain Control of the Interview

During most job interviews, you are in the position of convincing the interviewer you are the best person for the job. In real estate, the agent must interview the broker.

The majority of real estate agents are independent contractors, not employees. That status gives us a fair amount of freedom, but it also means we are responsible for most of the expenses of doing business. You should know exactly what kinds of training and other benefits a firm offers before you accept a position.

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