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"The Passive Solar House" -by James Kachadorian


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The Bottom Line

A useful text that progresses in a step-by-step manner to help us understand passive solar building principles.
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  • Diagrams to help us visualize.
  • Easy to understand language.
  • Worksheets to help us plan.
  • Some calculations may be difficult for beginners.


  • Advice about vapor barriers and suggestions regarding the exchange of fresh air.
  • Ideas for exterior design, floorplans, and tips for the home's placement on the building site.
  • Options for backup heating and cooling.
  • Includes a technique for constructing a Solar Slab to collect and store the sun's warmth.

Guide Review - "The Passive Solar House" -by James Kachadorian

The author draws upon his experience as a successful builder of passive solar homes to teach us the dos and don'ts associated with this specialized type of construction. He includes information about his own formerly patented technique, the Solar Slab, which uses the home's foundation to store heat from the sun.

Materials used are all ordinary supplies. Techniques can be adapted to any climate. The numerous illustrations do a great job of supporting the text, helping us visualize exactly how the components of a passive solar home work.

Mr. Kachadorian has also included worksheets and formulas to help each of us design a home to our exact specifications. An excellent resource for anyone who wishes to learn more about passive solar homes.

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