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Custom Birdhouse in Progress
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Unique Gifts

I receive lots of emails from people who are looking for unique, home-related gifts, some to be given as housewarming presents and many that will be used by real estate agents as closing gifts.

New England Birdhouse might be the perfect choice for some of you. The company uses your photos to build custom birdhouses that look just like homes and other buildings. And they don't just have a matching front--the sides and back of the home are also recreated.

Construction Basics

  • Exterior grade finish and joint construction
  • Exterior primer and multi-layer Polyacrylic finish
  • Multiple chambers, three to six depending on design

The company will provide species-specific entrance holes on request and can include built-in perches. The houses have ventilation and drainage openings and panels are easily removed for cleaning.

Photos courtesy of New England Birdhouse.

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