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Habitat for Humanity - Volunteer, Sponsor or become a Home Owner at Habitat

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Habitat for Humanity - Volunteer, Sponsor or become a Home Owner at Habitat

Habitat volunteers from UC Davis put up siding.

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Mention Habitat for Humanity, and most people will say they have heard about this organization. Ask them to tell you specifically what they know, and three common myths pop up:

MYTH #1: Habitat gives away homes to the homeless.

Habitat does not give away homes. Qualifications and purchase requirements vary among affiliates. All applicants are required to:

  • Go through an initial screening process.
  • Meet low-income guidelines.
  • Meet approval requirements.
  • Provide up to 500 hours of sweat equity.
  • Make mortgage payments, plus pay taxes & insurance.

MYTH #2: Habitat receives government backing and government money.

Habitat receives no money from the government. It builds homes through community support and receives funding from corporations, grants, individuals and local faith-based organizations. Habitat is a Christian inter-faith organization.

MYTH #3: Jimmy Carter founded Habitat for Humanity.

Because Habitat was founded in the same state where Carter was born (Georgia) and created about the time Carter was president, it's easy to see why people are confused. Jimmy Carter did not found Habitat. He supports Habitat for Humanity and actively volunteers for the organization.

  • Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller in Americus, Georgia.
  • Jimmy Carter was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 1977.
  • Carter's involvement with Habitat began in 1984.

Would you like to support Habitat?

The first step is to look up your local Habitat affiliate. Habitat says more than one billion people worldwide live in urban slums. If you would like to help improve housing conditions, you can donate time, money or supplies to Habitat. Habitat can use:

  • Building materials and supplies
  • Donated lots on which to build new homes
  • Volunteers to help construct new homes and rehab existing homes in need of repair
  • Financial contributions
  • Volunteers to serve on committees and boards

Would you like to apply to build & own a Habitat home?

  • First-time home buyers from all walks of life and faith are encouraged to apply for the Habitat for Humanity program.
  • Affordable first mortgages are established based on about 30% of the applicant's net income.
  • Be prepared to work on another home first to begin building up sweat equity hours.
  • Occupancy is not immediate; you could wait up to five years.
  • Safeguards are built into the program to prevent immediate resales for profit, so be prepared to stay put.

At the time of writing, Elizabeth Weintraub, DRE # 00697006, is a Broker-Associate at Lyon Real Estate in Sacramento, California.

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