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How To Choose and Work with a Real Estate Agent

Does the real estate agent who's showing you homes work for you or for the home sellers? It's important to understand agent duties and loyalties before you have any discussions with a real estate agent. This information helps you understand the dos and don'ts of working with real estate agents.
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Common Myths About Working With Real Estate Agents
You'll have a better home buying experience if you learn the ins-and-outs of working with real estate agents. Get off to a good start by avoiding these common misconceptions.
Does Your Real Estate Agent Work for You?
Does your real estate agent work for you? Most real estate agents are required to disclose who they work for before asking you for confidential information. Learn about the duties of buyer's agents, seller's agents, and dual agents.
Home Buyers Have Duties, Too
A successful real estate transaction requires cooperation from everyone associated with the sale--and that includes home buyers. There are things you can and should do to help your agent--taking you to closing faster and with fewer bumps along the way.
How To Work With Real Estate Agents
An overview that describes the duties of seller's agents, buyer's agents, dual agents, and real estate facilitators. Advice to help you when you are buying a home.
Working with a Buyer's Agent
Learning to work with real estate agents should be a priority if you're buying a home. Find out what you should expect when you hire an agent to work for you.
Working with a Seller's Agent
Did you know that most real estate agents have a duty to get the best deal possible for the seller? Here are some tips to help you work effectively with a seller's agent.
How To Hire a Buyer's Agent
A good real estate buyer's agent can offer advice on every aspect of your home purchase. Use these tips to find a great agent who can help you buy a home.
Working with a Dual Agent
Facts to help home buyers understand the duties and loyalties of a dual agent. Important information for anyone who is buying a home.
Tips for Working With Real Estate Agents
Links to articles and FAQ to help you work effectively with real estate agents. Learn where an agent's loyalties are before you say one word to any real estate agent.

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