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Modular & Manufactured Homes

Find details about homes that originates all or in part in a factory setting, including modular homes, manufactured homes, panelized homes, and many log homes. Learn the similarities and differences among factory built housing.
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Modular Home FAQ
If you're buying a home, and think a modular home is the same as a manufactured home, take a closer look. They're two completely different types of structures. Get the facts about modulars before you buy a home.
Manufactured Home FAQ
Get the facts about manufactured homes. Learn what characteristics place a home in the 'manufactured' category and read other important facts about manufactured housing.
Before You Buy a Manufactured Home - Buying a Home
Things you should think about before you buy a manufactured home. Advice to help you when you're buying a home.
How To Identify a Manufactured Home
An easy, step by step how-to that offers tips to help you determine if a structure is in the manufactured housing category.
Modular Homes, Manufactured Homes & Site Built Homes, the Differences
Site built, modular homes, and manufactured homes are three different types of structures. Learn how they differ and how the variations might affect you.

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