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Home Inspections

Knowing exactly what you are buying is probably the biggest hurdle to jump in a real estate transaction yet many people gloss over due diligence and end up regretting it. Here is your guide to an assortment of inspections you might want to consider and conduct before you hand over cash to close.

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Should You Use an Agent's Recommended Home Inspector?
About whether to trust your real estate agent to recommend a good home inspector. Are good home inspectors considered deal killers? Do agents' home inspectors withhold information from buyers to keep getting business from the agents?

What Types of Home Inspections Can a Buyer Do?
A list of 21 different types of home inspections a buyer can choose from. Why a home inspector isn't licensed to perform every type of home inspection.

Home Inspection Checklist
Home inspection checklist of items to look for when getting a home inspection. How to tell if your home inspector checked the essentials. Major and minor home repair concerns.

Repairs After a Home Inspection
Are sellers required to make repairs after a home inspection, and can a buyer cancel if the seller refuses to make repairs?

How a Bad Home Inspector Can Jeopardize Your Sale
How to avoid hiring a bad home inspector. How to recognize clueless home inspectors. How to determine if your home inspector is qualified and credentialed. Questions to ask a home inspector.

Wet Basements - How to Spot a Wet Basement
Should you buy a house with a wet basement? What types of problems are present in wet basements? Solutions to fixing wet basements. What causes spalling and efflorescence? How can you tell if water has leaked into a basement?

Doing the Final Home Inspection Walk-Through
What's involved in the final home inspection walk-through? What happens if repairs aren't made as promised or something else is wrong? What rights do home buyers have? When does the walk-through take place. All these answers and more.

Things to Do to Get Ready for a Home Inspector
Getting your house ready for a home inspector. What will the inspector need you to do to prepare for the home inspection? Tips to ensure the home inspector moves through quickly and easily.

Six Reasons to Inspect an Attic During Home Inspections
Home inspections can go wrong. Undoubtedly, this is one of the worst home inspections I've ever witnessed throughout my real estate career; read this nightmare and view the graphic photographs that illustrate the horrors that can lurk in an attic.

Repair Requests on Home Buying and Selling
Requesting repairs after a home inspection is common. Here is how to make repair requests that are acceptable and why sellers may reject unreasonable repair requests. Alternatives to making repairs that keep sellers and buyers happy.

Sewer Inspections for Older Homes
How to do a sewer inspection as part of the home buying process during the home inspection phase. Reasons to do a sewer inspection. How to handle sewer line problems or, worst case, replace the sewer line.

Roof Certifications and Inspections
What is a roof certification? How roof certifications and inspections help to sell homes. Why home buyers should ask for a roof certification. Types of roofing materials and pitches.

What is a Title Insurance Policy?
Title insurance policies as they pertain to real estate: owners and lenders title policies, terms of coverage, liability and protection. Title commitments and preliminary title reports prior to issuance of title insurance policies.

How to Find a Home Inspector
Knowing where to find a home inspector is only half the battle. The other half is knowing what to expect from an inspector. This covers both.

Home Inspection Hot Spots
Home inspectors will point out troublesome areas to you but here are a few potentially worrisome problems that you can address while the home inspector is there to answer your questions.

Fireplaces & Chimneys
Most buyers feel safer if an inspector examines the fireplace and chimney. Here are common problems you may want to discuss with an inspector and where they can be found.

Sewer & Septics
Here is a basic primer about how sewers and septic systems work. Some sewer systems are connected to cesspools but that's not a reason to pass up a good home. Here is what you need to know.

Swimming Pool Leaks
Apart from inspecting swimming pool cleaning equipment and showing new homeowners how to perform basic maintenance, next on an inspector's checklist is to determine water leakage. Here is how to figure out if the pool is leaking water and how to fix it.

What is a Home Inspection Contingency?
Definition and explanation of a home inspection contingency. Why satisfying a home inspection contingency early in the home buying process is a good idea. How to release a home inspection contingency.

Will a Seller Make Repairs Noted in the Verification of Property Condition?
Explanation of a verification of property condition (VOP). How a verification of property condition is used in conjunction with a home buyer's final walk through inspection.

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