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Home Warranty - Facts For Home Buyers and Sellers

Sellers--will a home warranty help your house sell faster? Buyers--can you afford to replace expensive appliances and other systems after closing? Get the facts about home warranties.
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Home Warranty - Steps to Take Before You Buy a Home Warranty
A home warranty might be a good thing to purchase when you're buying a home, but there are some things you must consider before you choose a home warranty provider. Get the facts before you buy a home warranty.
Home Warranty Facts for Home Buyers and Sellers
Home warranties cover repair and replacement costs for appliances and other systems associated with a home. Find out how they can benefit home buyers and home sellers.
Home Warranties Pick Up Where Insurance Leaves Off
Be sure to read this informative article about home warranties, by Hilary Wagner on Insure.com.
Understanding Builder Warranties
Learn the builder-warranty lingo, and find a list of questions you should ask the builder of your new home. From Realty Times.

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