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Interest Rates - Current Interest Rates and Facts About Rates

Find up-to-date interest rates and market forecasts to help you determine where home mortgage rates are going. Includes references that explains why interest rates go up and down.
Articles & Resources
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Current Average Interest Rates
Current average interest rates for home mortgages. Updated daily.
Consumer's Guide to Mortgage Lock-Ins
Information to help you learn more about mortgage rate lock-ins.
Mortgage Rates - To Lock or Not to Lock?
The pros and cons of locking-in your interest rate.
Trends - Mortgage Rates
HSH Associates outlines current trends in the mortgage industry.
What Moves Mortgage Rates?
A discussion to help you understand the market forces that drive home mortgage rates up and down.
Why Do Rates Go Up Or Down?
Economic events signal interest rate increases and decreases. A look at triggering events in chart form.
Why Do Rates Respond to Economic Events?
Interest.com gives an explanation of interest rates, and how and why they fluctuate with the changes in the economic and financial markets.

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