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Hang Kitchen Drywall, Mud and Sand
drywaller guy picking up a sheet of drywall

Cut drywall sheets to fit to the center of the studs.

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Hanging Sheetrock is a simple job, but mudding is an art. Mud is joint compound, best used when dumped into a mudding tray and smushed around to soften the consistency.

After the electrician and plumber have finished their jobs, now is the time to hang drywall. It may take three coats of mud, which means the drywaller will need three days total for each coat to dry in between. There are products on the market that dry faster, but they may not be practical to use in a kitchen.

Hanging Drywall

This job is so easy you might be tempted to do it yourself. If so, you will need the following tools:

  • 4 x 8 sheets of drywall, commonly called Sheetrock, which is a trademarked name.
  • Utility knife and plenty of blades.
  • T-Square.
  • Drywall gun.
  • Drywall screws, typically 1 1/4.
  • 3 sizes of mudding knives.
  • Pencil.

Measure from the corner to the first stud that is within 48-inches. Transfer that measurement to the drywall and, using a T-square, draw a straight line. Again, using the T-square, cut along the line. Crack the drywall with your knee or hand to break it. Secure the drywall to the wall with screws, alternating each screw within a half-inch of the edge and about a foot apart.

Always butt finished edges to finished edges and unfinished edges to unfinished edges to create valleys.

Tape the seams and mud. Let dry. Sand. Mud again, with a larger mudding knife, spreading the joint compound further. Let dry. Sand lightly. Using a large knife, spread a finish coat, let dry and sand with 150-grit for a smooth finish. If this is too much work, consider hanging the drywall and hiring an expert to do the mudding.

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