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10 Steps to Remodeling Your Kitchen


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Install Kitchen Cabinets
cabinets installed in the kitchen

Install the cabinets without the hardware and according to the blueprint.

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Hire only a professional cabinet installer to hang your cabinets. Pros will make certain the cabinets are plumb, level and are installed properly.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Installations

Basically, you will have wall cabinets (which are secured to the wall and do not touch the floor) and base cabinets (which are also secured to the wall and do touch the floor).

Not only are the cabinets secured to each other, but they must be level with each other. Your choices in cabinets typically include crown molding and bottom molding, plus scribes. Scribes cover the spaces between the wall and cabinets.

Installation of Kitchen Cabinets

The company or store that sold you the cabinets should provide you with qualified installers. It should not take more than a day to install the cabinets.

Review the layout with the installer beforehand to make certain the installer knows where the cabinets are supposed to be installed. Also, realize that the cabinets will not sit flush with the ceiling nor the corners -- because no room is perfectly square, not even new construction -- which means you may need to caulk the spaces and touch up the caulk with paint.

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