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Listing Presentations-Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents will find ideas to improve their listing presentation skills. Also learn to make accurate statements about the properties you list.

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Accurate Measurements Reduce Liability
Inaccurately reported square footage is the subject of numerous complaints made each year to state real estate commissions. Take steps to protect yourself. From your About Guide to Real Estate Professionals.

Home Gain Maximizer
This feature was developed using agent feedback regarding home updates vs. sales price. Your listers can type in a zip code, answer a few questions about various features of their home, then the Maximizer recommends which projects make sense for them.

Prepping Sellers for Showings
Giving sellers an early education in Buyers 101 helps prepare them for the realities of showing a house. Once they understand why you ask them to do certain things, they usually comply.

Pre Listing Packages
Broker Terri Murphy recommends you deliver a pre-listing package to the seller before your interview.

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