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Real Estate Market Facts, Trends and References

All home buyers and sellers should use an analytical approach that compares national and local market movement data such as number of sales vs. pendings vs. solds, average price per square foot, median home prices and average days on market. Included you will find market cycle explanations and a real estate glossary.
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Top 10 Real Estate Stories for 2008
The top 10 biggest real estate stories in 2008, and why some of these 2008 real estate stories will go down in history.

Ways to Hold Title to Real Estate
Options for holding title on property deeds. Explanation of joint tenants, tenants in common, right of survivorship and community property.

Commuting Spouses Between Houses
Coping with a long-distance marriage and commuting between two homes. When the economic downturn forces your spouse to take a job out of town and you stay behind. Should commuting spouses own separate houses?

Home Buying and Selling Videos with Elizabeth Weintraub
Have you ever wondered how a home buying and selling guide with About.com would present tips and advice in person? These videos with Elizabeth Weintraub will entertain, amuse and educate home buyers and sellers. From how to stage a home to what home inspections are about to how foreclosures work, your home buying and selling videos are just a click away.

Urban Real Estate Trends
Urban home buying and selling trends that are popular today. Market directions, slick home selling trends, buyer incentives, modern designs, lofts.

Why Days on Market Matter to Home Buyers
How days on market matter to a listing. Why some agents relist a home as a new listing after 90 days on market to show zero days. How to find out the days on market for any listing.

Walking Away From Closing
Sometimes, buyers decide to walk away from closing and forfeit earnest money deposits. What can sellers do if buyers don't show up at closing? How buyers can walk away from closing and why.

Location, Location, Location
When Realtors say location, location, location, what does it mean? Why is it repeated three times? What is a bad location versus a good location in real estate?

Can I Use the Price Per Square Foot to Figure Home Values?
Figuring the price per square foot for real estate. How to value homes in any given area by the price per square foot, including average and median square foot market values.

Definition of Deed of Trust
Explanation of deed of trust. Trust deeds evidence a mortgage loan secured by a promissory note. Parties to a trust deed, including role of the trustee.

Secrets for Timing the Real Estate Market
Real estate market timing secrets. Tips to timing the market and tipping the odds in your favor when buying or selling a home. How to tell if the market time is right to buy or sell homes.

MLS - What is MLS?
MLS stands for multiple listing service. Definition of MLS. Suggestions for MLS home searches. How to find MLS listings in your area.

How to Search Property Records
How to do a property search. How to find information on any property: who owns the home and balances of mortgage loans. Finding specific details of property. Public records search, MLS search, property information and tax records. Ordering free property profiles.

Tenants in Common for Real Estate Ownership
What it means to hold title as Tenants in Common. About property deeds that show title as tenants in common. Rights of owners and possession.

What are Prorations?
Definition of prorations. Understanding the meaning of prorations and how to compute prorations on a closing statement. Depending on the time of year you close, you can save money by not requesting prorations in your purchase contract.

Hot, Cold and Neutral Real Estate Markets
Understanding and profiting from buyers real estate markets, sellers real estate markets or neutral real estate markets. How to compute months of inventory on hand.

Top 10 Real Estate Predictions for 2012
Real estate predictions and housing forecast for 2012. What's in store for home buyers, home sellers and investors in 2012? How accurately do Elizabeth Weintraub's predictions forecast the 2012 real estate market?

National Association of Home Builders Forecasts and Surveys
Using private and government information, the National Association of Home Builders talks about facts and trends affecting the home building industry.

Free Economic, Demographic & Financial Data
Chart and download economic data from a variety of government Web sites such as Bureau of Labor, Bureau of Economics Analysis and Bureau of Census, among others. Requires free registration.

Pending Home Sales Index
A national index released the first week of every month that measures sales activity of homes entering the contract process and compares that data to closed transactions.

American Housing Survey
National housing survey that collects annual data reflecting changes in households over the years. Local metropolitan data available.

UCLA Anderson Forecast
Since 1952, the UCLA Anderson Forecast has been widely cited and recognized as a premier and reliable economic housing source, which covers national and regional markets.

Federal Housing Finance Agency
Using data provided by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the housing price index measures quarterly changes in the values of single family homes by regions.

Mortgage Bankers Association
National nonprofit representing real estate financing professionals. The MBAA provides tools, trends, forecasts and resources for the real estate and housing industry.

Federal Reserve Bank Beige Book
Periodic economic activity report prepared by the Federal Reserve Bank that is based on economic information supplied by 12 Districts on a rotating basis. The Beige Book summarizes these reports by District and such sectors as real estate and construction and banking and finance.

10 Ways to Know If the Housing Market is Improving
Signs that real estate recovery is on the horizon. 10 ways to know if this is a good time to buy or sell a home.

The Conference Board
To get the latest press releases from The Conference Board, click on the "economics" tab. You'll find information on such financial indicators as the U. S. Leading Index, Consumer Price Index, Durable Goods, Gross Domestic Product, and Personal Income & Outlay, among others.

Top 10 Real Estate Predictions for 2014
Your 2014 real estate forecast and top 10 predictions from the home buying expert at About.com.

Top 10 Real Estate Predictions for 2013
Weintraub's real estate forecast for 2013, predicting market place for home buyers, home sellers, mortgage lenders and real estate professionals.

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