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1341 45th Street, East Sacramento Homes
1341 45th Street, East Sacramento Homes

1341 45th Street, East Sacramento Homes

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This is perhaps the most famous Fabulous 40s' home in East Sacramento -- the former home of President Ronald Reagan. Reagan lived in the Fab 40s during most of his terms as governor of California. This 1945 home has six bedrooms and four baths. Reagan rented this home after moving out of the Governor's Mansion -- which Nancy Reagan declared a fire trap -- on 16th & H Street in April of 1967; he and Mrs. Reagan lived at 1341 45th until 1975.

It is two-stories, comprising 12 rooms (not counting the baths), has a fireplace, and is 7108 square feet, situated on more than half an acre. It also has a pool and Jacuzzi.

This home last sold in May of 2000 at $1,765,000.

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