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Mortgage advice to help you select a lender and choose the best home mortgage for your needs. Learn the facts about mortgages before you apply for a mortgage loan with a bank, mortgage broker or other lender.
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Analyzing Your Debt to Income Ratio
When you're buying a home, lenders look at your debt to income ratio. This measure of your debt load has an impact on how much house you can buy. Learn how to calculate the ratio and find out what lenders are looking for.
Are You Really Pre-Approved for a Mortgage?
Do you know the differences between the terms pre-qualified, pre-approved and loan commitment? Find out how they affect your offer to purchase and your home contract.
Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment Plans
Can a bi-weekly mortgage payment plan help you pay off your mortgage more quickly? Learn how bi-weekly plans works and read about other methods that can be used to reduce interest and pay your home loan off faster.
Do You Have a Mortgage or a Deed of Trust?
A security instrument gives a lender the right to sell your property to recover funds if you do not pay the debt. A mortgage and a deed of trust are both security instruments, but one allows a lender to take an easier road to foreclosure.
Don't Get Caught Up In Loan Fraud
Has someone involved with your mortgage asked you to do something that you feel uneasy about? It could be nothing--or it could be loan fraud, which is a problem in the home buying and selling community. Get the facts about common loan fraud schemes so that you can spot them early and avoid becoming involved in illegal acts.
Facts About ARMs, Adjustable Rate Mortgages
An adjustable rate mortgage offers lower initial interest rates, but rates are not guaranteed for the long term. Learn how ARMs work and when an adjustable rate mortgage might be your best option for a home loan.
Facts About FHA Mortgages
FHA loans allow you to buy a home with less down than conventional home loans. Get the facts about FHA loans and find out if you qualify.
Facts About Veterans Administration (VA) Home Loans
If you are buying a home, and have served in the US Armed Services, you might quality for a VA home loan. It's a good program for members of our Armed Forces. Learn more about it here.
Finding a Mortgage for Your New Home
If you're buying a home, chances are you'll need a mortgage. Do you know how mortgage brokers and bank loan officers differ? This article helps answer your questions about different types of lenders.
RESPA's Required Disclosures Help You Shop for a Mortgage
The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, RESPA, helps protect consumers when they buy and sell real estate, and teaches them to be better shoppers. One way RESPA accomplishes this is by requiring lenders and others to give you certain disclosures that make it easier to compare loans and services. Here's an explanation of disclosures you should be given during your home buying journey.
Should You Buy Discount Points?
Discount points are fees paid to a lender at closing in order to lower the interest rate on your home loan. Sometimes discount points make sense, sometimes they don't. This information helps you decide if you should buy points.
The Many Faces of Escrow During Your Home Buying Transaction
You'll hear the word escrow used many times during your home buying transaction. The term can be confusing, because it is used to describe different events that take place before and after your real estate settlement, the day of closing when the property becomes yours. Here's a look at the ways escrow comes into play during your home buying transaction.
Home Mortgages - Top Books
The world of home finance offers so many variables and options that it's often difficult to keep them straight. Here are five books that provide all the information you need to compare mortgages and find a home loan that's right for you.

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