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Writing Offers and Negotiating Acceptance

How you write a winning offer depends on your marketplace and whether it is a seller's or buyer's market. Find out what needs to be listed in your offer to give you the edge. As a buyer, how do you write contingencies that will let you cancel the deal and get your deposit back? As a seller, learn how to give up the battle and win the war through counter offers.

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What is a Notice to Perform?
What is a Notice to Perform? How to give the buyer a notice to perform or a seller a notice to perform. How each party may retain the right to cancel a transaction after handing over a notice to perform.

Is it OK to Make Multiple Purchase Offers?
Should a buyer make multiple purchase offers on more than one home when competition is fierce? Reasons why making multiple purchase offers could land buyers in hot water.

Top 5 Lowball Offer Mistakes
Top 5 mistakes buyers make when writing lowball offers. Why sellers reject lowball offers. How to avoid making mistakes when writing a lowball offer.

8 Tips for Winning REO Foreclosure Offers
Tips for buying REO foreclosure homes and writing a winning offer to buy that foreclosure. How to get REO offers accepted on bank-owned homes, especially in multiple-offer situations.

How Can Two Offers on a Listing Happen at the Same Time?
How two offers on a listing can happen, even after the listing has expired. How to deal with multiple offers. Home buying when another buyer tries to buy the home you want.

How Are Seller Rent Backs After Closing Handled?
Renting back after closing. Protection for home buyers and sellers when the sellers rent back after closing the transaction.

Contract Contingencies For Buying a Home
Common purchase contract contingencies to use when buying a home. How to make a contract contingent on appraisal, loan, inspections or other factors important to a buyer.

Releasing Buyer Contingencies
Purchase offer contingencies and how to release contingencies. What happens if contingencies are not released. Types of contingencies, how sellers request releases and consequences of refusal.

Are You Ready to Make a Purchase Offer?
Making a purchase offer and buying a home are two different actions. How to tell if you're ready to make a purchase offer on a home for sale. Tips for home buyers on dealing with the emotional tug and pull over deciding to make a purchase offer.

Making an Offer to Buy a Home
Criteria to use when making an offer to buy a home. Data to help determine the price to pay for a home. Factors that influence home offer prices.

Making Purchase Offers on a Home
How much to offer to buy a home. When making offers on a home, how much is too much and how much is too little to offer. Tips for figuring out a reasonable price to offer a home seller.

Negotiation for Sellers Who Sell For Sale By Owner
How to negotiate with buyers as a For Sale by Owner Seller (FSBO), write counter offers, provide seller disclosures, get through a home inspection and close your For-Sale-By-Owner deal.

Remove Contingency to Sell
Remove contingency to sell your home -- pitfalls and advantages during contract negotiation for removing the contingency to sell your home. How to deal with a 72-hour notice on a contingent contract.

Contingent Contracts for Finding Another Home
Clauses to include in an offer / counter that let a seller find a replacement home to buy. How sellers can agree to sell without liability if the seller cannot find another suitable home to buy. Ways to guarantee a seller will find another home.

Contingent Contract for Selling a Buyer's Home - Contingency Sale
How to write a contract to purchase contingent on the sale of the buyer's home. What happens if the home doesn't sell? Enforcing the First Right of Refusal. Decisions buyers face when sellers issue a Notice to Perform. How sellers can knock a buyer out of contract. Protection clauses for both parties.

How to Cancel a Purchase Contract
How to cancel a purchase agreement, listing, buyer's broker agreement or real estate contract

Offer Negotiation Tips
Offer negotiation tips: three tried and true methods that get home sellers to say "yes" to your real estate offer, how to negotiate an offer to acceptance by using three simple tools.

Why Was Your Offer Rejected?
Why was your offer rejected? What did your agent do wrong? What did you do wrong? How can you get your next offer accepted? How to deal with offer rejection. Beyond price, what are seller's objections?

Multiple Offers - Competing Home Offers in Multiple Offer Situations
Multiple offer definition and tips on making offers to buy a home when competing against other home buyers. Multiple offer strategies for seller's and buyer's markets. Why not all multiple offer situations end up going to the highest home bidder.

Top 10 Tips for Writing Purchase Offers
Guide to writing offers to purchase real estate.

Writing Purchase Offers in a Buyer's Market
10 tips for writing an offer in a buyer's market that will get accepted and get the buyer the best deal available.

How to Make Lowball Offers
How to make a lowball offer that is not insulting to the seller. Tips on getting lowball offers accepted. Common mistakes made by lowball buyers and how to avoid them.

How to Write Winning Offers in a Seller's Market
If you are trying to buy a home in a seller’s market, here are 10 tips to help you write that winning offer and beat out the competition.

All About Real Estate Counter Offers
What are real estate counter offers and how many times do sellers and homebuyers bicker back and forth? How are counter offers rejected and accepted? What are normal procedures for counter offers and multiple counters?

When Seller's Counter Offer is Full Price
Receiving counter offers at full price is no reason to walk away. How to negotiate counter offers when the sellers counter at full price. Reasons why sellers make counter offers at listed price.

Protecting Earnest Money
All about earnest money deposits: what is an earnest money deposit? To whom is it paid and where is it deposited? What happens to the deposit if the transaction doesn't close or the buyer cancels for some reason?

Repair Contingencies
Most purchase agreements contain some kind of provision with regard to repair requests, and here is a common example. If your purchase contract does not contain a provision for this, it's a good idea to write a contingency for handling repair issues into your contract.

What Stays With the House & What Goes?
Some of the biggest disagreements among buyers and sellers are over which items are considered fixtures and stay with the home and which items the seller needs to remove before closing. These are important considerations that should be noted in your offer to purchase.

Early Possession
Sometimes buyers need to move in before a transaction is ready to close. If your purchase agreement needs to contain an early possession clause, make sure you include all the specifics that protect you under a myriad of circumstances.

Should We Write a Backup Offer to Buy a Home?
What is a backup offer? How to determine if it's worthwhile writing a backup offer. Tips for writing a backup offer. What happens with short sale backup offers?

If a Seller Accepts Our Offer, Can Another Home Buyer Outbid Us?
If a seller accepts our offer, can another home buyer outbid us? The rules and practices of offer acceptance and offer negotiation. How to protect your purchase offer if other buyers are still trying to buy the home you want.

How to Know When to Offer List Price to the Seller
As a home buyer, is it stupid to offer list price to the seller? When is it better to negotiate a purchase offer? How to know when you should give the seller the price the seller is asking.http://homebuyingadmin.about.com/cgi/acme/quicktip/quicktip.cgi

How Can We Get Our Short Sale Offer Accepted in a Seller's Market?
The 3 parties to a short sale offer, and how to win every time. Secret strategies for getting your short sale offer accepted.

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