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Step-by-Step Look at Tent Fumigation


Why Choose Tent Fumigation?

tenting house insect extermination
The house is draped with tenting to hold in extermination gases
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Uh Oh... Powder Post Beetles

When one of my listings went under contract, powder post beetles were discovered in joists under the house and in parts of the interior wood. The floor joists were unsealed, and could have been treated successfully by spraying with chemicals, but the interior wood was coated with a sealant, so there was no guarantee the spray would penetrate to kill any beetles and larvae hiding inside.

After getting opinions from two pest control companies, the seller opted for tent fumigation, a process that pumps lethal gas into the home. The gas seeps into every crevice, so it offers a better success rate than traditional sprays when some areas are inaccessible.

On the day of the tenting, several teams of extermination pros were sent to work together on this time consuming and deadly process. Every person had a job to do and every person watched out for the safety of others.

  1. Why Choose Tent Fumigation?
  2. Getting the Tent In Place
  3. Releasing the Gas
  4. Clearing Out the Gas

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