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Step-by-Step Look at Tent Fumigation


Releasing the Gas

tent fumigation
House totally enclosed by tent
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Ready to Go

The house was completely covered and warning signs were posted to keep people at a distance. A staff member took a final walk through the structure to make sure no one was inside. It was time to fumigate.

Teargas was released first, a step taken to clear out any animals or people that might have been accidentally left inside. Next, the odorless poison gas was pumped through a tube into the house. The gas turned to vapor as it hit the air, and the fans helped it circulate.

Then we waited. Some staff went home for the evening, others camped out on the property to make sure no one entered the building. The tent remained in place for 24 hours, with fans in motion the entire time.

  1. Why Choose Tent Fumigation?
  2. Getting the Tent In Place
  3. Releasing the Gas
  4. Clearing Out the Gas

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