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Step-by-Step Look at Tent Fumigation


Clearing Out the Gas

tent fumigation
House is totally enclosed by a tent
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Taking Down the Canvas

The next moring, the gas began clearing as pieces of plastic tenting were removed and folded. When the entire home was exposed, staff entered with a meter that reads gas presence in parts per million, checking all areas for safety.

The next step was to close all the windows and doors to encourage trapped gas to bleed out of the walls and other areas. After another wait to allow the bleed to occur, staff entered to re-open windows and doors, allowing the last bits of gas to leave.

They used the gas meter again to check gas levels in every area of the house. They fluffed the mattresses and a few pieces of upholstered furniture to make sure no gas was trapped inside. No one was allowed to enter the house until it was certain that all gas had cleared.

The tenting process kills spiders, termites, rodents--every living thing within the house, but it does not prevent re-infestation. The news owners will need ongoing service for that.

This simplified description of tent fumigation covered only the basics. Your pest removal professional is the best source of information if you find your home needs to be treated for any type of pest.

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