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Home Seller Disclosure Obligations

Most home sellers are required to disclose material facts about their homes--things such as leaky roofs and bad plumbing. Use these resources to learn what is considered a material fact, and what isn't.
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Material Facts and Property Disclosures
When you're buying a home, you'll probably be given a property disclosure from the sellers that discloses material facts about the house they are selling. Learn what is and is not considered a material fact.
Property Disclosure - Regarding Death on a Property
Read a discussion of California court decisions regarding whether or not it is necessary to disclose that a death occurred on a property.
Litigation Avoidance Strategies
Tips to help make you more aware that your comments should state the facts, and not your interpretation of a problem or issue.
Skeletons In The Closet
A discussion of material facts and property disclosure as they relate to homes said to be haunted houses and homes where murders have taken place. By Betsy Schiffman.
Your Responsibilities When Selling a Problem Property
Covering up problems before you sell will come back to haunt you later. Read more about disclosure of material facts.

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