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Real Estate Humor

Let's face it, real estate is stressful for everyone... buyers, sellers, and real estate pros. Sometimes you have to just let it all go and look at the humorous side of the real estate profession.
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Appraisal Today - Jokes for Appraisers
A whole bunch of jokes that will hit home for folks in the appraisal industry.
A nice list of humerous stories. This page is specifically for real estate, but the Web site includes many other humor categories.
Real Estate Humor
Stressed out from a transaction? Lighten up with Kensington Realty Advisors' views of the other side of real estate.
SurReal Estate Humor
SurReal has totally redefined the typical real estate glossary.
Tom Antion and Associates
This page has lots of great one-liners. Agents will definitely get these!

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