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How to Sell Your House for the Most Money

Learn how to prepare your home for the market, how to stage your house, which repairs are absolutely required and how to price your house competitively to sell in the shortest period of time. Get marketing tips on how to find qualified buyers, maximize first impressions and attract multiple offers.

At the time of writing, Elizabeth Weintraub, DRE # 00697006, is a Broker-Associate at Lyon Real Estate in Sacramento, California.

Utilities and Selling a Home
How to handle utilities when moving out of your house while home selling. Why utilities need to be in working order during escrow.

Home Selling in a Market Dominated by Foreclosures and Short Sales
How to sell your home in a market dominated by foreclosures and short sales. Home selling tips for regular sales in a distressed neighborhood.

How Can I Prepare My Home for Sale on a Budget?
How to get your home ready for sale without breaking the bank. Ways to sell a home on a budget. Fast and easy fix-it repairs.

The Importance of For Sale Signs in the Yard
The types and quality of For Sale Signs. How important is a For Sale Sign in your yard? How more than one For Sale Sign can cause confusion.

Should I Use My Security Alarm While My House is for Sale?
Reasons to arm your security alarm when selling a home versus turning the alarm off during home showings. As a home seller, how vulnerable are you if you don't set your security alarm?

How Clean is a Seller Required to Leave the House After Moving Out?
Acceptable condition to leave homes after selling. How much cleaning should a seller do before turning over the keys to a new buyer?

Should I Fix Up My Home or Try to Sell As Is?
Whether home sellers are better off fixing up the home or selling the house as is. How to draw the line at selling a home in its present condition or making repairs. Which repairs are necessary?

5 Crucial Steps Before Home Selling
Before preparing your home for sale or signing listing agreements or making repairs. 5 essential home selling steps to complete before going on the market. How to determine if you are ready to begin selling your home.

Home Selling Path A to Z
Home selling path from A to Z. Simple steps for home sellers, from choosing a sales price to closing. Complete path to selling a home in easy-to-understand terms.

The Worst Mistake a Seller Can Make
Pricing real estate is part art and part science. The one thing you DO NOT want to do is overprice your home! Why? Find out why this seller had to sell at almost 50% of her original list price of $1.3 million.

Pricing Houses to Sell
How much is your home worth? Here is how to determine your home value and figure out which home price is right for your real estate market.

Selling a House - Prepare Your House For Sale
Prepping and staging a house. Every seller wants her home to sell fast and bring top dollar. Does that sound good to you? Well, it's not luck that makes that happen. It's careful planning and knowing how to professionally spruce up your home that will send home buyers scurrying for their checkbooks. Here is how to prepare a house for market and turn it into an irresistible and desirable home.

Home Staging and Staging the House
Beyond decorating and cleaning, home staging is about illusions. Staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more loving, and it makes home buyers want to buy it.

Staging the Kitchen
Staging the kitchen to sell the home. The kitchen is the most important room in the home to stage. Before and after staging photos of the kitchen. Home staging tips.

Stage the Living Room or Leave the House Empty?
Staging a living room before selling your home. How to make that first impression a buy-me urge for home buyers. Turn a living room into a comfortable yet impersonal environment.

Staging the Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank
Professional home staging tricks for staging a bathroom. How to transform a plain bathroom into a staged and appealing bathroom for pennies on the dollar.

Reasons to Sell a Rental as a Vacant Home
Tips about selling rental homes and reasons to sell a rental home without the tenant in residence. Why vacant rental homes may sell for more money.

Home Selling Mistakes
Home selling mistakes sellers commonly make and how to avoid them. Overcoming mistakes in the home selling process. How much selling mistakes cost sellers; why home sellers make mistakes.

15 Reasons Why Home Owners Sell & Move
Top 15 reasons for selling and moving. Motivation for selling your home. Need a reason to buy your second or next home? It's probably contained in this list.

Why Isn't My Home Selling?
How to figure out why your home isn't selling and fix the problem so your home sells. There are a lot of reasons why a home doesn't sell apart from price. Home selling tactics to help you sell fast.

Top 15 Ways to Sell Your Home in Spring
How to sell a home in the spring real estate market. Top 15 ways to increase traffic and showings of homes, and beat out competition in the spring. How to win over spring home buyers at the top of the market.

How to Sell a Home in the Summer
Sizzling summer home selling tips. Did you know that summer is not the number one home selling season? How to make the most of hot summer months to showcase your home and get that puppy sold.

How to Sell a Home in Autumn
Home selling in autumn tips. How to attract home buyers in the second-wind fall real estate market. Ways to capitalize on the autumn home selling season to sell a home before the holidays.

Top 10 Tips to Home Selling in Winter
Top 10 tips to selling your home in the winter. Why is selling in winter different? How to make your home shine and sparkle in dreary winter months.

Selling Homes in Falling Real Estate Markets - When the Market Slows
Selling in falling real estate market strategies. Whether it's how to increase market exposure, stage your house to sell, target advertising, or offer financing incentives and other can't-miss-techniques for a falling and depressed real estate market, no matter what, this will help you to sell your home in a real estate slump.

Six Alternatives to Selling When Your Home Doesn't Sell
What happens if your home doesn't sell? Here are six alternatives to home selling when you can't sell your house.

Selling Defective Homes
Selling homes with incurable defects such as homes in the wrong location or those with bad layouts. Selling houses on a busy street, across from a school or next to commercial development. How to sell houses with deferred maintenance or after a disaster.

Net Profits from Home Selling
After deducting all costs of home selling, how to figure out a seller's net profit. How much will you make after selling a home? Computing a home seller's net equity and proceeds of sale.

Cleaning Out the House After a Death
How to clean out a house after a death. Getting a house ready to sell after a loved one dies. Separating trash from treasures -- disposing of mom's belongings before selling.

How to Advertise Houses for Sale
Writing advertising about homes for sale. How to write effective home ads. Selling a house by writing ads for classifieds in newspapers and creating direct mail campaigns that reach the largest number of home buyers.

Advertising Words for Home Selling
Words sell homes. Good advertising words sell homes faster. If you want to sell your house, choose from these advertising words that are designed to make home buyers want to see your house and buy it.

House Marketing Mistakes - Blunders When Selling in a Slow Market
Alternative approaches to attracting home buyers. When market activity cools, not every home will sell. How do you sell in a slow market? It's easy. Houses with the most traffic through them go "pending" faster, and here's how to do it.

Repairs Before Home Selling Return Rewards
Which remodeling jobs pay back big for home sellers? Here is how to invest your repair and home improvement dollars to get the most bang for your buck when selling your home. Whether you're fixing up a home for resale or personal enjoyment, spending the right dollars in the right rooms will return rewards.

Companies that Pay Cash For Homes
Explanation of companies that pay cash for homes. The truth about cash for homes schemes and how much companies pay to buy your home for cash.

Comparative Market Analysis / CMA
Definition of comparative market analysis (CMA) and how to interpret a CMA. Explanation of what a comparative market analysis contains. Understanding comparable sale numbers. Adjusting for variances between non-similar homes and the subject property.

Posting Internet Home Listings
How to post a home for sale on the Internet. Web sites where you can post free home listings. How to make a free electronic flyer that showcases your home's features and benefits for a buyer and post it to the Internet.

Showings: Lockboxes vs. Appointment Only
Home showings by appointment with listing agent versus showing a home with a lockbox. Benefits for home sellers who use a lockbox. Why do sellers prohibit lockboxes? Reasons why some home sellers refuse a lockbox.

Expired Real Estate Listings
Why listings expire. How to handle an expired listing. Options for sellers of expired listings. Should you relist with the same agent after your listing has expired?

Networking Sells Homes
How networking outside of MLS sells homes. Real estate networking techniques that bring fast results when selling a home. Creative marketing and networking tips.

Preparing for Open Houses
Getting ready for an open house. Strategy for open house preparation, guidelines and tips to ensure a successful open house.

Open Houses - How to Hold Successful Open Houses
Selling houses at an open house. Here's how to hold a successful open house and sell that house. Plus, proven tips that will make a buyer want to sit at the kitchen table right then and write an offer.

For Sale By Owner Tips
How to list a home as a for sale by owner, and how some owners trying to sell without a real estate agent can save money.

Negotiation for Sellers Who Sell For Sale By Owner
How to negotiate with buyers as a For Sale by Owner Seller (FSBO), write counter offers, provide seller disclosures, get through a home inspection and close your For-Sale-By-Owner deal.

How Home Sellers Pay to Sell a Home
Why home sellers might pay to close. Bringing money to the table to close a real estate deal. How common is it that sellers have to kick in money to sell a home? How do sellers pay to sell?

Seller's Remorse - Dealing with Seller's Remorse
Dealing with seller's remorse, when sellers have cold feet. How sellers can cancel after signing a listing agreement or sales contract. How to figure out if you don't really want to sell.

10 Ways to Increase Traffic - How to Make Buyers / Agents Call
10 tips to increase traffic to your home. How to get buyers to see / tour your home. Making your phone ring with multiple requests for showings. Standing out in the crowd of homes on the market. Winning over home buyers.

Selling a Home When Getting a Divorce
How to protect your credit and yourself during divorce when buying or selling a home. What you need to know about dividing real estate when divorcing. How to handle credit cards and joint credit accounts, including secured or unsecured credit.

How to Market Your House
Top 10 marketing tips that are designed to help sell your home faster and for more money regardless of whether it's a buyer's or a seller's market.

Top 10 Home Showing Tips
Whether you are trying to sell your home yourself without representation or you have hired an agent, you can benefit from showing your home in its best light. Here are 10 home showing tips to guide you. From the moment the buyer arrives at your front door, you've got three seconds to make a good first impression.

Buyer Feedback - How to Ask Buyers for Feedback
List of questions to ask buyers after they have toured your home. Getting essential buyer feedback about your house, its condition, gathering opinions for improvements, asking about pricing and how to use this information to enhance the chances your home will quickly sell.

While Your Home is on the Market - Protecting Your Privacy
Are your secrets safe? Before a home goes on the market and homebuyers start to traipse through, savvy sellers will hide confidential information. Even so, you might be astonished to learn what homebuyers can figure out about you.

Types of Listing Agreements to Sell a Home
Types of real estate listing agreements: Exclusive Right-to-Sell, Exclusive Agency and Open listings. Length of time to list, how to exclude buyers from the agreement, whether you can cancel the listing.

Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Take Overpriced Listings
Reasons why real estate agents write and accept overpriced listings. If a home is priced too high, it won't sell, so why would an agent take a listing that won't sell? Seems stupid. Well, the reasons will astonish you.

How Long Should Your Home Be Listed for Sale?
For how long should you list your home for sale? What's the right amount of time to expect your home to sell? How long of a listing is too long? Is 30 days too short? When should your listing expire? How can you protect yourself when hiring a listing agent?

What Are Lockboxes - How Do Lockboxes Work?
All about lockboxes. Supra and contractor Lockboxes. An explanation and overview of how a lockbox and display key works. Where do real estate agents put a lockbox? How do you put a key in a lockbox? How are lockboxes accessed?

Virtual Tours Sell Houses
About virtual tours for novices and home sellers. The differences among virtual tours, what makes them unique. How to improve the quality of your virtual tour and spice it so buyers will watch from beginning to end.

Fleas in the House?
Flea infestation? How to get rid of fleas in your house and yard, especially killing flea eggs so they don't hatch. Here's how to make your house flea free and stop the fleas from coming back.

Selling a House with Pets at Home
How to sell a house where pets live, especially to potential buyers who do not like pets. From overcoming objections to pets, eliminating pet odors and stains, to keeping the cat box clean and more just to get the sale. Advice on how to get top dollar for a home where pets are in residence.

When is the Time Ripe for a Price Reduction
Here's how to tell when the price of your house needs to be reduced. Lowering the price is smart if you know how to analyze the market and determine positioning for your price reduction. Price adjustments are never too low if computed correctly.

Selling Your Home During the Holidays
Selling your home over the holiday season. Should you take your home off the market before the holidays? Decorating your home for sale during Christmas and Hanukkah. Should you decorate at all if you're selling?

How to Sell a Unique Home
How to sell a unique home. What makes your home unique to you might make it weird or odd to a buyer. Tips for recognizing and selling that hard-to-sell unique house.

How to Pick the Right Sales Price For Your Home
The secret to picking the right sales price for your home depends on several factors. The sales price you pick could be low or the sales price could be high yet either sales price for your home might be wrong.

How Long Does it Take to Sell a House?
How quickly should a house sell? What is the average length of time it takes to sell a house? If your home sold too quickly, was it priced too low?

Is a 24 Hour Notice for Home Showing Reasonable?
Is a 24 hour notice appointment for home showing reasonable? Should buyers expect to give home sellers 24 hours notice before looking at a home? Type of circumstances under which 24 hours notice is reasonable.

Top 10 Home Closing Checklist Tips for Sellers
You're closing the sale of your home in a few days. Sellers can follow this home closing checklist to make sure nothing goes wrong at closing. Step-by-step, a checklist for home closing that works virtually anywhere in the country.

When Is My House Sold?
When is your house sold? Is your house sold when you sign a contract? Is your house sold after a home inspection? Is your house sold after a buyer removes contingencies? At what point is your house considered to be sold?

How to Not Lose Money When Selling a Home
How to save money when selling a home. How to get the most bang for your buck before putting your home on the market. Home selling tips to make a bigger profit.

Should You Send Your Listing to Other Agents?
When you list your home, is it a good idea to send your listing to all the agents you know? How to market your home to other agents who might have buyers.

How Do You Lose Equity in a House?
How do you lose equity in a house? Is it possible to lose equity but still be able to sell without asking for a short sale? How much equity can you lose before your home goes to foreclosure?

What Should an Agent Say When Showing a Home?
What should an agent do to sell your home? Why don't agents talk to buyers when they take them through the home? Can a smooth talking real estate agent sell my home faster? What does it take?

How to Get Ready for Your Agent to List Your Home
How to get ready for your real estate agent. Before listing your home for sale, tips for getting ready to list. Ways to make a good first impression on your listing agent.

How to Get Rid of Dog Urine and Cat Urine Odors
How to get rid of cat urine odors or dog urine odors in a carpet and / or wood floors. Tips for selling a home that stinks like dog or cat urine. How to clean difficult cat urine odors that won't go away.

How Long Do We Have for Offer Acceptance?
Length of time sellers can wait to accept a buyer's offer to purchase their home. Once a buyer makes an offer, is it good forever? How long do sellers have to accept a purchase offer? Description of what constitutes delivery of offer acceptance.

Why Home Sellers Get Into Trouble Talking to Buyers and Agents
What kinds of things should a seller discuss with a buyer or a buyer's agent? Is it OK for sellers to talk to buyers and their agents? What can go wrong when sellers talk to buyers?

What is the National Mortgage Settlement?
What is the National Mortgage Settlement and how does it apply to you? Will your bank forgive your mortgage debt through a principal mortgage reduction program? Details of $25 billion settlement. Top 5 banks affected by National Mortgage Settlement and dollar share.

How to Help Your Agent Sell Your Home
Tips and proven ways to help your agent sell your home as if the agent was the seller. How to partner with your real estate agent to maximize profits when you sell a house. How to ask your agent to improve the photos / marketing copy without offending your agent.

How to Cancel a Listing Contract
Polite ways to ask your agent to remove that listing from MLS. Acceptable reasons for canceling a listing. Protocol for listing cancellation.

3 Tips for Listing Your Home
Tips for listing your home. The three most important things a home seller needs to do when listing your home for sale.

Why Won't the Listing Agents Just Give me the Comparable Sales?
A seller asks why listing agents want to meet with her at her home when all she wants is the comparable sales. Why is it so hard to work with a listing agent?

How Much Does it Cost to Sell a House?
An explanation and a breakdown of the expenses and fees it typically costs a home seller to sell a house.

How Can We Take Advantage of a Seller's Market for Home Selling?
Success tips for selling a home in a seller's market when there are few homes for sale and many buyers; how to get multiple offers when home selling.

Is it Possible to Be Selling a Home and Buying a Home at the Same Time?
Why it is difficult to seller a home at the same time you buy a home. Tips for buying a home when selling a home in a seller's market that are different than buying and selling a home in a buyer's market.

When is the Best Day to List a Home For Sale?
Which day of the week is the best day to list your home for sale and go on the market? Which day will give you the greatest exposure to the largest number of buyers?

Do Houses Sell from an Open House?
Explanation of exactly who benefits from an open house, from the seller to the agents to the buyers, and the answer to whether open houses actually sell a house.

Is a Home Seller Required to Accept a Full-Price Offer
When is a home seller required to accept a full-price offer, and why would a home seller ever want to reject a full price offer?

What a Seller Should Never Say When Showing a Home
Things a seller should never say when showing a home for sale. How to show a home to a buyer without squashing the sale.

The Best Home Showing Tip Your Agent Forgot
The number one home showing secret that sellers don't know and their listing agents forget to do. If a seller does only one thing to show her home, this single home showing tip is the best yet is often overlooked.

How Soon is Too Soon to Call An Agent Before Home Selling?
The acceptable time frame to use before calling a real estate to talk about selling your home. Listing protocol for home sellers.

What is an Affidavit of Death?
How to deal with title transfers for a home after a joint tenant dies. Recording an affidavit of death and obtaining a death certificate.

Should Home Sellers Hire an Appraiser to Prepare an Appraisal?
The problems associated with appraisals paid for by sellers prior to listing a home for sale and how sellers can accurately establish market value.

How Home Listings Become Homes Back on Market
Reasons a home for sale might change from a pending status to back on market that have nothing to do with the property condition or any physical defect.

Should a Home be Occupied or Vacant When Home Selling?
An in-depth analysis of reasons a seller might want to consider before electing to sell a home vacant over an occupied home.

Top 10 Reasons Sellers Fire a Real Estate Agent
Top reasons why a seller might be justified in firing a listing agent who isn't doing her job and how some agents are unfairly fired.

I Have a Buyer For Your Home
How listing agents find buyers, and why an agent would say I have a buyer for your home when the agent does not.

Preparing a Cluttered Home for Sale
Tips for decluttering a home owned by a packrat or hoarder, prior to putting the home up for sale.

How to Spot Purchase Offers from Crooks
How to evaluate a purchase offer when home selling to determine if a crook is trying to scam a seller or the offer is fake and from a crazy person.

Home Buying Without a Contingency to Sell an Existing Home
Reasons a buyer with a home to sell might write a purchase contract without a contingency to sell.

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