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Septic Systems - Construction and Maintenance

If you build or buy a home in a rural area, chances are that it will have a septic system. Modern septic systems work cleanly and efficiently if you take proper care of them. Here's how you can do that.
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Facts About Septic Tanks and Systems
Learn how septic systems are constructed and find facts to help you maintain your septic tank and septic systems.
How To Keep Your Septic System in Tip Top Shape
A simple how-to article that takes you step by step through the requirements for maintaining a trouble-free septic system.
Taking Care of Your Septic Tank and Septic System
Taking care of a septic tank and septic system isn't difficult, because modern waste removal systems function efficiently when you follow a few basic guidelines. Use these tips to keep your septic system in top shape.
Why Do Septic Systems Fail?
Oregon State University's Extension Service describes the most common causes of septic system failures. Good reading to help make sure you understand what to do and what NOT to do with your system.

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