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Short Sale

All about short sales: how to close, qualify for and negotiate a short sale. How a short sale affects credit and surrounding property values. Pros and cons to buying a short sale.

At the time of writing, Elizabeth Weintraub, DRE # 00697006, is a Broker-Associate at Lyon Real Estate in Sacramento, California.

Short Sales - How to Handle a Short Sale
The fundamentals behind a short sale, why a lender would accept a short sale and how it affects borrowers.

How to Do an FHA Short Sale
Tips for a completing an FHA short sale quickly and efficiently. Secrets for processing an FHA short sale as a seller or an agent, especially those unfamiliar with the HUD process.

Choose Selling Your House as a Short Sale
What you need to know before selling as a short sale to ensure that your short sale will be successful. Crucial steps to take before listing your house as a short sale. How to tell if selling as a short sale is the smartest choice for your situation.

Step 1 of a Short Sale
What is the first step in a short sale? What is the single most important thing to do before you begin a short sale? If you miss this step in your short sale, you could be making a big mistake.

How to Qualify for a Short Sale
Wondering if you qualify for a short sale? Not every home owner qualifies for a short sale. Here is how to figure out if you meet the requirements for qualifying for a short sale.

Is the HAFA Short Sale Program Right for You?
Rules for a HAFA short sale. Benefits and overview of HAFA short sale program for underwater sellers. How the HAFA short sale seller can get paid to sell on a short sale.

Before Buying a Short Sale
Tips for buying a short sale. Before you buy a short sale, read about your rights as a buyer. Why the seller's lender needs to approve a short sale; how to avoid short sale blues.

The Complete Short Sale Process
How the short sale process is handled from listing the home, qualifying for and reaching short sale approval from the bank to closing. Complete A to Z short sale process, beginning to end.

What Does An Approved Short Sale Mean?
Definition and explanation of approved short sale. What an approved short sale actually means when you see it listed online as an approved short sale.

What is a Short Sale?
What is a short sale? Explanation of a short sale. Why not every short sale on the market is an actual short sale. What constitutes a real short sale?

Should Buyers Hire a Short Sale Agent to Buy a Short Sale?
Reasons why a home buyer planning to buy a short sale might want to seek out the services of a short sale listing agent. How a short sale listing agent can act in single agency on behalf of a short sale buyer.

Should You Choose a Short Sale Over a Foreclosure?
Should you do a short sale or a foreclosure? Is a short sale or foreclosure better for your credit rating? How do you qualify for a short sale? Are there any advantages at all to doing a foreclosure?

How to Make a Short Sale Offer
How to make a short sale offer. Ways to write that short sale offer that will encourage the seller to accept it and the bank to issue short sale approval. 10 short sale offer tips.

A Wachovia Short Sale is the Golden Egg
How to do a Wachovia short sale. Why Wachovia short sales are different from all the other short sales. How Wachovia can help you to negotiate with a junior lender on a short sale.

Big Banks Push Sellers to Commit Mortgage Fraud
How short sale sellers may be unwittingly committing mortgage fraud. Explanation of short sale mortgage fraud. Some second mortgage lenders demand seller contributions in such a deceptive manner that it can result in mortgage fraud.

Home Selling in a Market Dominated by Foreclosures and Short Sales
How to sell your home in a market dominated by foreclosures and short sales. Home selling tips for regular sales in a distressed neighborhood.

Short Sale Mortgage Fraud - Second Lenders Commit Short Sale …
Share your experiences concerning short sale mortgage fraud. Has a second lender told you to pay money outside of closing?

Do Banks Make More Money on Foreclosures Than Short Sales?
Which is more profitable for a bank: foreclosures or short sales? Do banks make more money on foreclosures over short sales?

Fannie Mae Short Sale Requirements
Fannie Mae requirements for short sales. How Fannie Mae servicing guidelines may affect whether sellers are approved for a short sale. Conflicts within Fannie Mae short sale guidelines.

How a Short Sale or a Foreclosure Affects Credit
The affect of short sales and foreclosures on credit reports and FICO scores. Which is better to see on a credit report: a foreclosure or a short sale? How soon after foreclosure or short sale can a seller buy a new home?

Banks That Require a Seller Contribution on a Short Sale
Why some banks demand that the seller make a contribution as a condition of short sale approval. Types of seller contributions that banks will accept to close a short sale.

What Does Active Short Sale Contingent Mean?
Definition of active short sale contingent as it pertains to homes for sale that are short sales. Why status terms for active short contingent home listings vary around the country.

Why Does the Bank Require an Arms-Length Affidavit on a Short Sale?
Definition of an arms-length affidavit and why a short sale seller can't sell a home to a person the seller knows. Sample verbiage from a short sale bank regarding the arms-length affidavit.

Short Sale Myths You Believe Are True
Popular myths about short sales. Top 5 misconceptions about a short sale. Why agents, sellers and buyers don't understand how a short sale works and believe the myths they hear.

Should I Do a Loan Modification or a Short Sale?
Loan modification or short sale? Which is easier to do: a loan modification or a short sale? Why it's not a good idea to start a short sale and then switch to a loan modification.

What is a Short Sale Addendum?
Explanation of a short sale addendum. How a short sale addendum can protect and / or hurt a short sale buyer. Why sellers and buyers may want to sign a short sale addendum.

How a Short Sale Seller Can Cancel Your Short Sale Contract
Short sale contract cancellation. How a seller can cancel your short sale contract and either take the home off the market or sell the home to a different short sale buyer.

How Long Should I Wait for Short Sale Approval?
How long should a buyer wait for a short sale approval -- for the purchase offer to be approved by the bank? Approximate length of time for banks to issue short sale approvals.

How Can I Get Multiple Offers on My Short Sale?
How to attract multiple short sale offers. Getting buyers to bid up the price of your short sale home. Why you want multiple offers on your short sale listing.

6 Things to Know Before You Buy That Short Sale House
How to figure out if buying that short sale house will work and is worth waiting for. Questions to ask the short sale listing agent, and how to research the home's history before writing a short sale offer.

How Canceled Debt on a Short Sale Might Result in a Tax Liability
How some short sale sellers can end up paying taxes on canceled debt. Plain-language advice for owners doing a short sale on how to sidestep pitfalls and taxation from canceled debt or forgiven debt.

How to Price a Short Sale
How to figure out how much your short sale home is worth and how much the short sale bank will accept by using this simple procedure.

7 Short Sale Mistakes
Top 7 mistakes made by short sale sellers, and why some short sales are doomed from the start and will never get approved.

5 Ways to Find a Short Sale Listing Agent
How to find a short sale listing agent. Why it's more important to hire an agent with short sale experience than a neighborhood real estate agent to sell your home on a short sale.

Should We Stop Making Mortgage Payments to Do a Short Sale?
Should sellers stop making mortgage payments to do a short sale? Ramifications and consequences of not paying a mortgage while attempting a short sale.

Can a Bank File a Deficiency Judgment After a Foreclosure or Short Sale?
Definition of deficiency judgment. How deficiency judgments are obtained after a foreclosure or a short sale. Collection attempts for a deficiency judgment. Negotiating payoffs.

How to Stage a Short Sale Home
Tips for staging a short sale home. Ryan Brown, star of Bravo TV's Flipping Out, shares insider secrets with Elizabeth Weintraub about how to stage a short sale home.

How to Negotiate With Banks for a Short Sale
How to negotiate with banks on a short sale. Tips for getting the bank to accept a short sale offer.

Top 5 Reasons Banks Reject Short Sale Offers
Reasons why a bank might reject a short sale. Why some short sales routinely face rejection by banks. How to pretty much guarantee your short sale won't get rejected.

How to Find an REO or Short Sale Buyer's Agent
How to find an REO or Short Sale Buyer's Agent. Cut to the chase and hire the most experienced REO / Short Sale buyer's agent by following these tips. Don't buy an REO or Short Sale home without hiring a real estate agent with a successful track record.

Is It Better To Buy a Short Sale or Wait for the Foreclosure to Happen?
Buy a short sale or wait for the foreclosure to happen, which is better? Foreclosure home prices (REOs) can be cheaper than a short sale price. If you are trying to decide between waiting for the bank to obtain title through foreclosure or negotiating a short sale upfront, here is what you need to know.

Reasons to Short Sale Over a Foreclosure
Reasons to choose a short sale instead of a foreclosure. Differences between short sales and foreclosures and why a short sale could be preferable to foreclosure.

How Can I Find Short Sales?
How to find short sales online and in MLS. Secret words that identify short sale listings. How agents advertise short sales.

Short Sales Are No Bargain for Buyers
Why buyers may pay more for a short sale. 11 drawbacks to buying short sales. The hype surrounding short sales and why buyers should use caution.

Will a Short Sale Ruin Credit?
Will a short sale ruin your credit rating? What is better: a short sale or a foreclosure? Length of time before a homeowner can buy another home after a short sale or foreclosure.

Foreclosure Sales Affect Home Values
How foreclosures affect home values. Nearby homes often feel effect of foreclosures, especially if many foreclosures have been filed. How to help an appraiser use the right comparable sales when selling a home in a neighborhood faced with recent foreclosures.

Subprime Mortgage Lenders - Why are Subprime Mortgage Lenders Crashing
The effect of subprime mortgage loans and subprime lenders on real estate. What are subprime loans? How does the crash of the subprime lending market affect borrowers?

Foreclosure and Short Sale Taxes
Home sellers' tax obligations on foreclosures and short sales. Tax consequences after a distressed sale. How sellers might owe taxes even when taking a loss after a foreclosure or selling on a short sale.

Buying For Sale By Owner Short Sales
Buying short sale homes from a seller without an agent. For sale by owners in pre-foreclosure. How to negotiate with an unrepresented seller and the bank to buy a home in foreclosure.

How Soon Can We Buy a Home After a Short Sale or Foreclosure?
After a short sale or foreclosure, how long must you wait before you can buy a home again? These guidelines set forth the waiting period for buying a home after a foreclosure, short sale or deed-in-lieu-of, and some borrowers can buy immediately.

Buying Distressed Homes: Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs
Foreclosures, short sales and REOs: differences. Buying distressed properties under market value. Which is more profitable for a buyer -- short sales, foreclosures or real-estate-owned (REO's)? How CA law and the Home Equity Sales Act affects the purchase of homes in foreclosure.

Short Sales and Foreclosures
Tips for sellers facing foreclosure, including short sales. Basics for home buyers or investors buying short sales and homes in foreclosure.

What Happens in a Short Sale When You Have Two Loans?
Doing short sales when two loans are secured to the property. How to handle dual short sale mortgage loans. Negotiating with first- and second-position lenders for short sales.

Who Profits From Short Sales?
Who wins on a short sale? Do sellers benefit from selling homes on short sales? Who profits from short sales? Are short sales better than foreclosures for a seller?

Short Sales Affect Credit - How Short Sales Affect Credit Ratings
Share your personal story about how your credit report was affected after a short sale. How many points will a FICO score fall?

How to Do a Bank of America Short Sale
How to get a short sale approved by Bank of America. Tips for using the online platform approved by the bank.

How to Write a Hardship Letter
How to write a hardship letter that is likely to win over the bank. Whether you seek a short sale or a loan modification, the bank will request that you write a hardship letter. Tips for putting your hardship into words.

Can We Do a Strategic Short Sale Without a Hardship?
The strategic short sale without a hardship is possible under certain types of circumstances. How to do a no hardship short sale.

How to Choose a Short Sale Agent
Tips to help you choose a short sale agent. How your success of a short sale is tied directly to the experience of the short sale agent you choose. Why choosing a short sale agent is different from hiring a regular real estate agent.

Top 10 Reasons Why Short Sales Fail
Why some short sales fail. Types of problems that can cause a short sale to fail. How to avoid having your short sale fail.

Should You Hire a Lawyer or Law Firm to Negotiate a Short Sale?
Can a real estate agent negotiate a short sale or should you hire a lawyer to deal with the short sale bank? The benefits of hiring a lawyer before asking a bank to grant your short sale.

Will the Bank Pay for Repairs in a Short Sale?
Do banks or sellers ever pay for repairs when selling a short sale? What it really means when a bank tells a buyer the short sale is sold in as is condition. How to persuade a short sale bank to pay for repairs.

Can We Buy a New House and Short Sale Our Old Home?
Is it legal to buy a new second home and then do a short sale of your existing or first home? How to buy a new home when you need to short sale your old home.

Will the Bank Approve My Short Sale?
How to know if the bank will approve a short sale. Here are the steps required to get short sale approval from the bank. Short cuts to short sale approval from the bank.

How Many Short Sale Offers Can a Seller Accept
How many short sale offers can a seller accept? Ways sellers can send a higher short sale offer to the bank after accepting an offer.

Dumping an Underwater Home Without Doing a Short Sale
Alternatives to selling your home as a short sale. To fully protect your credit, you might want to explore other options to a short sale.

The 3 Basic Types of a Short Sale
The 3 basic types of a short sale, and how you can determine which type of short sale you may encounter. Not all types of short sales are processed in an identical manner. Some short sale types are easier to get approved.

How to Submit a Short Sale Package to the Bank
How to submit a short sale package to the bank that the bank is likely to accept. Types of documents to submit for short sale approval. Tips for assembling a short sale package for submission and approved methods for delivery.

How to Do a Fannie Mae HAFA Short Sale
How to do a Fannie Mae HAFA short sale. Why Fannie Mae HAFA short sales are different from other types of HAFA short sales and traditional short sales. How to qualify for a Fannie Mae HAFA short sale.

What Are the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Short Sales?
Frequently asked short sale questions, short sale FAQs, and the answers about short sales. Types of questions short sale sellers need to know the answers to. Top 10 most common questions about short sales.

Top 5 Problems With Financing a Short Sale
Financing a short sale is a little bit different than financing a regular home. Top 5 problems inherent with short sale financing. Tips for financing a short sale and closing before the approval letter expires.

Questions to Ask a Short Sale Agent
Types of questions to ask a short sale listing agent before you buy that short sale. How to ask the important questions without ticking off the agent. How to evaluate the answers to know if it's worth your time to make that offer.

What is a Release of Liability for a Short Sale?
Explanation of a release of liability for a short sale. Why sellers who are doing a short sale should obtain a release of liability, and how to get a release of liability when the lender refuses to provide it.

What is a Short Sale Approval Letter?
What is contained in a short sale approval letter? How to tell if your short sale approval letter is missing a key item. How long does it take to get a short sale approval letter?

How to Do a Freddie Mac HAFA Short Sale
Explanation of a Freddie Mac HAFA short sale. Tips for how to do a Freddie Mac HAFA short sale. How a Freddie Mac HAFA is different from other types of short sales and HAFA short sales.

Why Seller Credits to the Buyer on a HUD Are Not Always a Credit
Why are seller-paid closing costs shown as a credit to the buyer on the HUD? Reasons why seller credits on the HUD are not necessarily a credit to the buyer.

How to Make Money Buying a Short Sale
How to make money buying a short sale without going to jail. Many short sale home buying schemes are crooked and against the law. You can make money buying a short sale by following the rules.

Can I Lease or Buy Back My Short Sale?
Can I lease or buy back my short sale? How to know if the company that offers to let homeowners lease or buy back a short sale is legitimate and above board.

The Two Types of HAFA Short Sales
Understanding the 2 types of HAFA short sales. Why a Preapproved HAFA short sale is different from a traditional HAFA short sale. When to use an ARASS versus a RASS for a HAFA short sale.

Which Fixtures Can a Seller Remove in a Short Sale?
Whether the seller can take appliances and fixtures in a short sale depends on several factors. What types of things can a short sale seller take from a home? What stays with a house in a short sale and what goes? Is it against the law to sell upgrades when doing a short sale?

Will Banks Issue an Extension on a Short Sale?
Is it possible to get an extension on a short sale? What do banks want before agreeing to issue an extension? Why would a short sale bank refuse to issue an extension?

Is the Seller Liable to the Buyer for Refusing to Close a Short Sale?
Can a buyer sue a seller for refusing to close a short sale? After a lender issues short sale approval, is the seller liable to close or does the buyer have recourse if the seller walks away. Can a buyer make the seller of a short sale close?

How Can a Buyer Make an Offer Directly to the Short Sale Bank?
Can a buyer make an offer directly to the short sale bank? How a buyer of a short sale can talk to the seller's bank about making an offer. How to deal with stubborn short sale agents who won't present your offer to the bank.

How Do You Lose Equity in a House?
How do you lose equity in a house? Is it possible to lose equity but still be able to sell without asking for a short sale? How much equity can you lose before your home goes to foreclosure?

How to Apply for a Bank of America Cooperative Short Sale
Is it worth your while to apply for a Bank of America cooperative short sale? Step-by-step explanation of how to qualify for and how to apply for a Bank of America Cooperative Short Sale. How Bank of America determines if you are eligible for its cooperative short sale program.

How to Hold Open a Short Sale House
Is it a good idea to hold open a short sale house? How is holding an open house for a short sale different than any other type of open house? Tips for hosting a short sale open.

How Much Can a Seller Credit Toward Buyer's Closing Costs in a Short Sale?
How much will banks approve for buyer's closings costs in a short sale? Why a short sale bank might not approve your closing cost credit as a seller concession. How to increase the odds the bank will allow a seller credit for closing costs in your short sale offer.

Making the Bank Accept Your Short Sale Offer
Ways to negotiate with the short sale bank. How to make the bank accept a short sale offer. Tips for negotiating a short sale offer.

The Upside to Buying a Short Sale
What are the advantages to buying a short sale, and why would a buyer choose to buy a short sale over any other kind of real estate transaction? The secret benefits to buying a short sale that your agent probably won't tell you.

The Best Time to List a Short Sale
When is the best time to list a short sale and put it on the market? With the length of time it takes to sell a short sale, you'll want to make sure you have enough time to list and sell your short sale. There is an ideal time to list your short sale.

Who is the Seller in a Short Sale?
Who is the real seller in a short sale? Is the seller the bank or is the seller the owner of the short sale house? Who pays the costs of sale in a short sale? Whether a seller contribution is a negotiation point in a short sale.

Why Banks Want to Do a HAFA Short Sale
Why are banks so gung ho on pushing for a HAFA short sale? Bank of America routinely screens sellers for a HAFA short sale. Why banks want to do a HAFA short sale. How to reject a HAFA short sale.

The Short Sale HUD Approval Process
Why a bank approves a HUD for a short sale. Types of short sale fees a bank is likely to approve. How to increase the chances that your short sale HUD will get approved by the bank.

How Can I Get Cash for Doing a Short Sale?
Ways to get cash for selling as a short sale. Types of cash incentives offered by banks to sellers who sell their underwater home as a short sale. How to qualify for a cash incentive in a short sale. Why some sellers are paid to sell a short sale and others are not.

What is an Average Timeline for a Short Sale?
Average timelime to close a short sale. How to remove potential delays from your short sale timeline.

Must a Short Sale Seller Sign a Third Party Authorization?
Explanation of the purpose of a third-party authorization in a short sale. Two main types of third party authorizations, and how to complete a third party authorization for a short sale.

How Much Under List Price Can You Offer to Buy a Short Sale?
How much should you offer to buy a short sale? Is the list price of a short sale the amount the bank will take? How much under list price can you offer for a short sale?

How Can a Second Lender Keep a Deficiency Right in a Short Sale?
Negotiating with two lenders in a short sale. Obtaining a full release of personal liability. Deficiency rights of a second lender in a short sale. Alternatives to walking away when the second lender demands too much in a short sale.

How to Escalate a Short Sale
Stuck in a short sale going nowhere? The answer is to escalate. Tried-and-true tips for short sale escalation. How to escalate that short sale and yank it out of that big black hole and get action.

Can a Real Estate Agent Sell Her Own Short Sale?
Is it possible to represent yourself in a short sale if you have a real estate license? How to understand dual agency in a short sale and which agent represents the sellers and the buyers to the short sale. Drawbacks to dual representation in a short sale.

How Do REO and Short Sale Banks Demand a Preapproval Letter From Borrowers?
When the seller is a bank, can the seller demand that the buyer get a preapproval letter from that bank? How REO lenders and short sale banks can make some borrowers get a preapproval letter from them as a condition to buy the home. About preapproval letters for bank-owned homes and short sales.

What Does a Short Sale Listing Agent Do?
Understanding what a short sale listing agent does and the agent's duties to the parties in the transaction. Can a buyer's agent get involved in a short sale? What exactly does a short sale agent do?

How Can We Have a Smooth Short Sale Closing?
Secrets for closing a short sale. How to ensure your short sale closing happens without a glitch or delay.

Exactly What Are Short Sales?
Exactly what are short sales in real estate? What causes homes to go up for sale as short sales? Explanation of short sales.

The Number One Question to Ask a Short Sale Buyer's Agent
The most important question to ask a short sale buyer's agent. How to question the buyer's agent to qualify the short sale buyer.

How to Handle a Short Sale Counter Offer
Anticipating, preparing and negotiating a short sale counter offer. Whether the bank issues a counter offer for the short sale or the seller counters the buyer's offer, tips for handling the short sale counter offer.

What is a Short Sale Negotiator?
What is a short sale negotiator? Where do you find a short sale negotiator? What does a short sale negotiator do? How to tell if short sale negotiation if right for you.

7 Tips for Short Sale Success
Tips used by successful short sale agents to close that short sale. 7 unique tips for short success, tips that are guaranteed to help you to close that short sale with the first buyer.

Is There A Short Sale Alternative for Homes Worth Less Than the Mortgage?
A short sale alternative to selling a home when you owe more than it is worth. Top 10 alternatives to short sales and options for selling that impossible to sell home.

Can I Short Sale My Investment Property?
Procedure for an investment property short sale. Tips for doing a short sale on a rental property. Drawbacks to short selling a non-owner occupied home.

What is Wrong With the Home Affordable Refinance Program - HARP?
Overview of the Home Affordable Refinance Program, HARP. Why it might not be a good idea to refinance an underwater mortgage through the Home Affordable Refinance Program. Little known quirks about the Home Affordable Refinance Program.

How SB 458 and Seller Contributions Work in a California Short Sale
How a seller can make a contribution to effect a short sale in California without violating SB 458, which amends CA Civil Code 580e. Drawbacks to SB 458. How CA Civil Code 580e affects a short sale in California and protects against deficiency judgments.

What is the Standard Short Sale Procedure?
What is the short sale procedure? Is it better to first ask the bank for a short sale or should you send an offer for the short sale to the bank and then ask? The standard short sale procedure explained.

Solutions to Common Types of Short Sale Problems
Types of problems that can crop up in a short sale and cause a short sale to be rejected. How to prevent short sale problems. Dealing with short sale problems that stop a short sale from closing.

How Flexible is That Short Sale Price?
How you can tell if that short sale price is real. Explanation of why a bank will accept a certain price on a short sale and how to compute the short sale price just like a bank will do it.

Do I Have to Be Delinquent To Do a Short Sale?
When the bank rejects your short sale because your payment are current, if you become delinquent, is there a guarantee your short sale will get approved? Why a delinquent short sale has a better chance of acceptance than a non delinquency. How to overturn a bank's short sale rejection.

What Do We Need to Know About Buying an As Is Short Sale?
Explanation of buying an As Is short sale. Why most short sales are sold in As Is condition and what As Is means to a short sale buyer.

Why Do a Short Sale?
Get answers to all of your short sale questions such as: why do a short sale? What is the benefit to doing a short sale? Why are short sales so popular?

What is the National Mortgage Settlement?
What is the National Mortgage Settlement and how does it apply to you? Will your bank forgive your mortgage debt through a principal mortgage reduction program? Details of $25 billion settlement. Top 5 banks affected by National Mortgage Settlement and dollar share.

What Are the Top 3 Factors for Hiring the Best Short Sale Agent?
What you don't know about hiring the best short sale agent will surprise you. The top 3 factors that will help you to determine who is the best short sale agent.

Do All Sellers Get a Release of Liability for a Short Sale?
A release of liability is the main reason to do a short sale. About a seller's two main concerns in a short sale: paying taxes and no waiver of liability from the short sale lender. How to prevent the bank from coming after you for the difference owed when your short sale closes.

What is the Best Type of Short Sale Offer?
Strategies for preparing the best type of short sale offer. Why cash short sale offers are not always the best offer for a bank to approve. Tips for boosting your chances of short sale offer acceptance.

How Can We Get Our Short Sale Offer Accepted in a Seller's Market?
The 3 parties to a short sale offer, and how to win every time. Secret strategies for getting your short sale offer accepted.

How Can You Find Out Whether a Short Sale has Delegated Authority?
Clear and simple explanation of delegated authority as it pertains to a short sale. How you can find out if the short sale bank has delegated authority and discover the parameters of that delegated authority.

What Can We Do When the Bank Has Declined Our Short Sale?
Tips for turning that short sale decline letter into a short sale approval letter. Things you can do to turn around a short sale if your short sale is declined. Options and alternatives after a bank rejects a short sale.

When Should You Move Out During a Short Sale?
What are the rules about moving out of a short sale home? The best time to start looking for a new home to rent while you are waiting for your short sale to close.

What Do You Say to Do a Short Sale Escalation?
Types of bank short sale escalation procedures. How to prevent short sale escalations. Ways to speed up a short sale stuck in a black hole by learning how to escalate a short sale.

How Can We Get Cash Help Through a Short Bank Incentive?
Why a short bank might pay an incentive to do a short sale. How to get cash help in a short sale and whether a short bank relocation incentive is taxable.

Does My Short Sale Qualify for the HIN Incentive at Bank of America?
Explanation of the Bank of America HIN Incentive as it applies to short sales. How to apply for the short sale HIN Incentive, in addition qualifying for the Cooperative Short Sale program relocation incentive offered by Bank of America or the HAFA short sale program.

How to Do a Home Sale Short
Doing a home sale short. Is it smarter to let a home go to foreclosure or selling a home sale short?

How to Do a Wells Fargo Short Sale
What to expect from a Wells Fargo short sale. The Wells Fargo short sale process and time frame. Explanation of a Wells Fargo short sale in Equator.

How to Sell Your Home as a Short Sale
Professional tips to sell your home as a short sale, including how to close that short sale the first time around. How a top-producing short sale agent will sell your short sale home.

Reasons to Avoid a Short Sale Charge Off
An explanation of a short sale charge off and why you might not want a short sale loan to go to charge off.

How to Do a California Short Sale
How to do a California short sale and why a California short sale is different from a short sale in other states. Release of liability rules and deficiency judgments for California short sales.

What To do With My Upside Down House?
Options for dealing with an upside down house. Smart alternatives to walking away from your upside down house.

Different Kinds of Short Sale Programs
A list and description of different types of short sale programs. Not all short sale programs are the same. Choose the best short sale program for you.

Should we Do a HARP Refinance or Short Sale our Underwater Home?
How to determine whether to do a HARP refinance or try to do a short sale. Benefits and drawbacks to the HARP 2.0 and HARP 3.0 refinance programs.

What is an Equator Short Sale?
How to use Equator to process a short sale. Qualifications to use Equator, certification, documentation and short sale agents.

Is it Time to Do a Short Sale?
How to tell if you are ready to attempt a short sale and if it's the right time to short sale. What's involved with getting ready to short sale.

What is Dual Tracking
An explanation of dual tracking as it applies to a short sale and how the Homeowner Bill of Rights protect sellers in California against dual tracking.

Should We Tell the Bank About our Short Sale?
Before listing your home as a short sale, are you required to notify the bank that you intend to do a short sale? Is there any benefit to telling the bank your home is going on the market as a short sale?

Can a Seller Refuse to Close a Short Sale?
A buyer asks if a seller can legally refuse to close a short sale. What happens when a buyer is ready to close the short sale but the seller is not ready to move out. Can a buyer force a seller to close a short sale?

How California Short Sale Laws Can Hurt Homeowners
How some of the short sale laws in California have hurt homeowners who are trying to do a short sale, instead of protecting California homeowners.

Is a California Short Sale Better Than Filing Bankruptcy?
Pros and cons of filing bankruptcy before a California short sale versus after a short sale and why before is preferred.

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